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Sway Polewear

The brief history of the brand


founded in 2015

Discover Sway Movewear - Where Artistry Meets Pole Dance Fashion

Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of SWAY, where vibrant pole dance artistry intertwines seamlessly with chic pole dance outfits. SWAY weaves meticulously crafted collections that redefine the essence of Pole Dance apparel.

Passion Meets Daring Fashion

Prepare to be spellbound by the captivating story of SWAY, where pole dance prowess collides with audacious fashion statements.

SWAY is more than just a pole clothing brand; it's a vivid tapestry of raw creativity woven into each pole dance outfit, igniting a revolution in the world of dance attire.

A Symphony of Cuts and Colors

Dive into the mesmerizing world of SWAY, where cuts and colors fuse into an explosive symphony of self-expression.

Our outfits go beyond the ordinary; they're provocative collections meticulously crafted not only for pole dancers but also for movement aficionados seeking nothing less than exhilaration.

SWAY's Transformative Impact on the Pole Dance Stage

Experience outfits that dance with your every move, tantalizing the senses while delivering unparalleled comfort - It's Agata's vision brought to life!

These are not mere clothes; they are a manifestation of empowerment, elevating your dance experience to the next level.

Whether you're taking your first steps around the pole or a seasoned pro, SWAY will enhance your dance journey for the better!

Enter the World of SWAY and Unshackle Your Inhibitions. Let Each Outfit Speak to Your Soul, Evoking a Daring Persona That Begs to Be Embraced.

Eco-Glamour Redefined

Agata takes care of every detail, never compromising on quality. Our costumes are made with regenerated nylon ECONYL® obtained from waste otherwise polluting the Earth.

Our loungewear fabric is made from sustainable viscose, LENZING™ ECOVERO™ derived from sustainable wood and pulp, following stringent guidelines for responsible sourcing.

It's fascinating, how new fabric technologies, affects world of fashion. This ECO aspect of SWAY is the consequence of countless hours of reserch for best solutions possible.

Wearing SWAY will make you look hot, without raising the temperature of the planet!

Our high-quality threads add flexibility and durability to SWAY outfits, ensuring longevity and enjoyment long after purchase. Agata's collaboration with Monika, a masterful pattern designer, breathes life into audacious concepts.

SWAY's ensembles go beyond mere clothing; they embody self-assurance.

Beyond the dance moves, beyond the music, it's the outfit that transforms your presence in an instant, empowering you on and off the stage.

Design Alchemy

Beyond Clothing

Beyond clothing, SWAY's ensembles ignite your spirit. They're catalysts that transform your pole performance into an unforgettable narrative, unlocking facets of confidence and charisma you never knew existed.

Sway Movewear

Since launching our first collection in 2015, SWAY continues to flourish, promising a cascade of captivating designs that will captivate and inspire.