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Agata Sway Owner

The Face Behind The Brand

Meet Agata Jurago-Pach and discover her remarkable journey from an office job as an architect to becoming an entrepreneur and the creator of unique movement wear.

Every story has a beginning, and Agata's starts in the early nineties when a teenage Agata began sketching her first fashion designs.

Her deep fascination with fashion led her to create outfits not only for her dolls but also for her friends and family. Her wardrobe remains a treasure trove of vintage finds, often sought after by her friends before parties and important events.

Completing her studies and earning a master's degree in architecture allowed Agata to delve into fine design and modern applied art. However, the rigidity of office work left her craving more flexibility, perhaps just a bit less than her beloved motorcycle trips.

Agata's introduction to the world of pole dance came when she discovered OG pole dancers Alethea Austin and Karol Helms on YouTube. What started as a hobby quickly became a passion. While participating in pole dance classes, Agata struggled to find outfits in Poland that met her high standards. Given her lifelong interest in fashion, she decided to take matters into her own hands and design and sew outfits with the assistance of a skilled seamstress.

The decision to create SWAY, a brand that now offers high-quality, luxurious outfits for pole dancers and individuals seeking comfortable attire for pole dance, yoga practice, and the gym, didn't happen overnight.

Weeks were spent searching for the right fabrics and trims, and refining the initial designs. Agata personally tested each outfit on and off the pole to ensure they were comfortable, well-fitting, and pleasing to the touch.

Thanks to pole dance, Agata forged new friendships in Poland, the UK, and Ireland, where she received invaluable support to ensure her outfits passed the test. And pass they did!

SWAY's first collection was launched in 2015, with each piece individually crafted for customers upon order. The positive feedback and growing demand prompted Agata to invest more time into building her brand. After two years, she made the bold decision to leave her office job as an architect and dive headfirst into the world of fashion.

Today, SWAY is a globally recognized pole wear brand celebrated for its high quality, unique designs, and eco-conscious approach to production. It leads the way in fashion-forward cuts, influencing other brands in the industry.

Agata remains deeply connected to pole dance as a part-time pole instructor and a full-time entrepreneur. She loves her work and passionately supports pole dancers worldwide.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Agata enjoys the simple pleasures of knitting, gardening, and savoring drip coffee, preferably with fruity tasting notes.