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Hello Polers!

Hello Polers!

Hello everybody and welcome to Sway Blog!

It's been almost a year since I launched Sway pole wear e-shop - I must say its been quite a ride! Three collections, orders form around the globe, sleepless nights, crazy photoshoots, international Sway party, 5 wonderful brand ambassadors, custom competition outfits just to name a few...

The idea of Sway came way back before. I've been poling since December 2011. Fell in love since my first pole dance lesson - you know the feeling! Back then there were no pole dance clothing companies in Poland where I live. Everyone was buying basic noname fitness tops and shorts. Sway was one of the first in the Polish market since then many other appeared so now there's fortunately so much more to choose from!

Little bit about myself

Well... I love chocolate, cats, horses and POLE of course :D! Ever since I was little I dreamed about becoming fashion designer. Being little girl and obviously not knowing what "sexy" was I used to make latex-like outfits for my barbie dolls out of baloon scraps (sic!). Looks like not so much has changed after all ;).

My dad once told me be really careful what you wish for because IT WILL COME TRUE ... and he was right! he always is...

Agata Sway Pole Dancer Blog Rico Cat
Picture of me and my cat Rico painted by my super talented friend Julia

One of the main ideas behind Sway brand was to design pole dance apparel for girls of every possible shape and size. To make all of them feel sexy and fierce - like modern showgirls. This is the thing I never liked about fashion world - the body image they feed everybody with. I think we can all agree that Pole Community is very different when it comes to body image. We start to look at what our bodies CAN DO not how it LOOKS LIKE. We admire each other and appreciate both curvy and skinny polers. I honestly think world would be much better if everone was a poledancer :P.

Anyway I absolutely LOVE running pole wear shop and I hope to do it for as long as I can. I met many amazing people on the way, learned so much and I'm grateful for everything that happened this past year.

Having a emotional moment at Irish Pole Dance Academy Ireland during my second ever performance.

Picture courtesy of the amazing Deirdre McGing - click the photo to visit her page!

Blog Idea

I plan to write here about all the fun stuff thats happening in Sway world: All the events we proudly support, tips on designing and customising pole costumes, updates on new collections and ideas that are coming up and also to give you space where you can comment and share your thoughts about Sway pole wear.

Hope to meet you up here! Till next to do some stretching before sleep ;)

Peace out!

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