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Naughty Little Santa Surprise

Get ready for a dash of naughty and a splash of nice with our 'Little Santa' tradition!

From today till Friday, add a sprinkle of spice to your cart – spend over 100EUR and unwrap a free accessory on us. It's our way of playing Santa's helper, bringing you a touch of pole-perfect presents just in time for the festivities. Hurry, Little Santa's treats await!

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Sway Polewear Gift Guide for Pole Dancers

Unwrapping the Best Pole Dancer Christmas Shopping List: Gifts that Sway & Dazzle!

Sway's Pole Dance Gifts: Glamorous & Festive Collection! Discover a curated collection of irresistible gifts for pole dancers this holiday season! Elevate their dance moves, cozy up in chic loungewear,...

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Bold Moves and Expressive Grooves: A Chat 🐈 with Pole Dance Extraordinaire, Jordan Kensley

Bold Moves and Expressive Grooves: A Chat 🐈 with Pole Dance Extraordinaire, Jordan Kensley

Step into the captivating world of pole dance with Jordan, an artist who effortlessly marries strength and artistry. In this interview, we explore her inspiring journey from pole studios to...

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Agata and Alethea at The Chrome Bar

Iridescent Dreams Unite

Witness the enchanting aura of Alethea, the extraordinary poledancer and visionary behind The Chrome Bar.

Delve into her journey from pole dance champion to directing mesmerizing dance spectacles. Unravel the magic of the glow collection, a luminous collaboration with Sway Movewear, showcasing versatile designs to light up your performances.

Dare to glow

Unveil the mesmerizing Glow Collection as Sway and Alethea Austin unite their creative genius in an breathtaking collaboration. Embrace the allure of the night as these stunning polewear pieces come to life under UV lights, illuminating your every move with a captivating glow. Designed to empower and inspire, this unique collection blends Sway's signature style with Alethea Austin's artistic vision. Unleash your inner radiance and shine on you crazy diamond!

UV Blacklight


Slow fashion move wear brand committed to creating inspiring, fashion forward apparel for the modern-day-showgirls and boys. We take ethical approach to unique design that fits from studio to stage.

Being naked is the most sustainable, wearing sway is the second.

Find out more about our Sway and our ethical approach towards fashion.

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Agata Jurago-Pach and her journey from office job as an architect to entrepreneur and creator of unique pole wear. Every story has its beginning, this one starts in early nineties, when teenage Agata scribbles her first fashion designs...