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Our polewear is fit for any occasion ... pool party included. Buttery-soft, intensely-hued, polewear thats fit as swimwear.

We want to make you look HOT, without raising the temperature of the Planet

Slow fashion move wear brand committed to creating inspiring, fashion forward apparel for the modern-day-showgirls and boys. We take ethical approach to unique design that fits from studio to stage.

Being naked is the most sustainable, wearing Sway is the second.

In our world, ethical manufacturing and recycled materials are non-negotiable. We envision a future where fishing nets enrich your wardrobe, not our landfills or oceans. Crafted from bamboo and ethically sourced viscose, our soft loungewear embodies our commitment. We prioritize fit, construction and maintain transparent practices, always putting the well-being of people and the planet first.

Find out more about our Sway and our ethical approach towards fashion.

Turn heads, not tides

Crafted with care, made to last

Our fashion philosophy embraces ethical manufacturing and recycled materials. Stitched with precision, designed for longevity. Sustainable fashion should never sacrifice quality.

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The Face behind The Brand

Agata Jurago-Pach and her journey from office job as an architect to entrepreneur and creator of unique pole wear. Every story has its beginning, this one starts in early nineties, when teenage Agata scribbles her first fashion designs...

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We take ethical approach to unique design that fits from studio to stage

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