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where fashion meets education and liberation

SSIK.LOVE x Sway Movewear

From unisex harnesses that defy conventions to open shorts that embrace freedom, each piece is a statement. This collection isn't just about what you wear; it's about wearing your beliefs.

Our Shared Commitment:

Rooted in the mission of SSIK.LOVE, founders Paulina and Paweł, together with Sway Movewear, have crafted a line that fuses deep desires with style. This collection isn't just about fashion; it's a movement towards understanding, acceptance, and self-expression.

hanne harness

One Harness 4 ways to wear. Style it over pole wear, or over tshirt to add kink to yur everyday look.

Available 4 colors: Black, Purple Flame, Iron Ore and Electric Yellow that shines in Blacklight x sway

the hottest shorts just got hotter

From pole perfection to bedroom seduction – our shorts, in collaboration with SSIK.LOVE, got a little naughty upgrade. Get ready for a spin in more ways than one!