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Re-Imagined Move Wear for a Sustainable Future

At SWAY, we're committed to sustainable practices that create fashion with a smaller global footprint, prioritizing accountability and transparency throughout our development process. We constantly seek innovative ways to bring you the highest-quality materials while protecting our world for future generations.

Slow Fashion, Vegan Approach
We're proud to be a slow fashion brand that embraces vegan values. Our polewear and accessories are cruelty-free, containing no animal byproducts like leather, wool, or silk. Instead, we utilize innovative, ethical, and cost-effective materials that offer superior fit and function.

Ruby Garter Shorts V2 Milano - Sway

Our Vision: Look Hot, Save the Planet

Sustainability is very important to us at Sway. We want to make sure you look hot, without raising the temperature of the planet!

Sustainability is at the core of our vision. We're dedicated to making you look hot without raising the planet's temperature. Our production is based in Poland, minimizing our carbon footprint while tapping into the country's rich textile manufacturing history and exceptional craftsmanship.

Balancing Quality, Fashion, and Ethics

We're on a mission to strike the perfect balance between producing high-quality polewear that's fashionable and staying true to our ethical beliefs. Our approach is clean, transparent, and straightforward, ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions, and responsible tax practices.