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Bold Moves and Expressive Grooves: A Chat 🐈 with Pole Dance Extraordinaire, Jordan Kensley

Bold Moves and Expressive Grooves: A Chat 🐈 with Pole Dance Extraordinaire, Jordan Kensley

Dancing in Confidence: The Empowering World of Pole Dance with Jordan Kensley

The world of pole dancing is an enigmatic realm, and within it exists a constellation of stars who dazzle and inspire. In our first episode of the Sway Podcast, we were honored to host a pole dancer whose name is synonymous with grace, strength, and innovation - Jordan. If you've ever dipped your toes into the world of pole dancing, you've likely heard of her. But if you haven't, consider this your introduction to a true luminary.

The Journey Begins

Unveiling the Artistry of Pole Dance

Jordan's story in pole dancing commenced in 2012, and her base of operations is none other than the United States. However, her dance card takes her around the globe as she travels extensively, sharing her passion for pole dancing. In the cozy space on The West Coast Pole Dance Studio in Gothenburg, Sweden, we had the privilege of catching up with her during her European tour.

Jordan Kensley

Wandering Through Europe

Discovering Diverse Pole Dance Communities Across Europe

As we sat down with Jordan, she exuded an infectious enthusiasm for her journey across Europe. From France to the UK, and soon to Amsterdam and Canada, she's set to explore the diversity of the pole dancing community. With a mix of anticipation and excitement, Jordan is undoubtedly on a whirlwind tour of pole studios, teaching and judging at competitions, before heading back to reunite with her kitties in November.

Jordan Kensley

Juggling the Hustle

Pole Dance World Tour: The Art of Managing a Nomadic Lifestyle

One might wonder how she manages the non-stop hustle and keeps herself in peak condition. Jordan admits there's no universal formula. She cherishes meeting new people, interacting with her students, and thriving in the role of an extroverted instructor. However, she is equally introverted at heart. Her secret to coping with the relentless schedule is her self-imposed "reset days" between studio visits, allowing her to recharge and refocus.

In terms of physical strength, Jordan's warm-up routine is meticulously designed to focus on joint mobility before muscle warming up, ensuring that even when tired, she's ready to take on the pole. Her warm-up doubles as an injury prevention technique, a testament to her commitment to her students' well-being.

Jordan Kensley

The Body and Pole Connection

Empowering Your Body: Jordan's Unique Approach to Dance Fitness

Jordan's expertise extends beyond performing and teaching pole dancing. She's also the creator of the "Head to Heel Body and Pole Program." Her background in complementary medicine, including acupuncture, massage, and myofascial massage, allowed her to delve deeper into understanding the human body.

With an associate's degree in Myofascial massage, she is internationally certified to help people align their bodies and discover their physical capabilities. Her unique blend of knowledge has enriched her teaching style, allowing her to cater to different body types and experiences in her classes.

Jordan Kensley

Dancing on the Silver Screen

Exploring the Silver Screen: Jordan's Duality as a Pole Dancer and Actress

Dance isn't confined to the pole for Jordan. She's ventured into the world of film, starring in productions such as "Madhouse Mecca," "A Persian Affair," "Why We Dance," and "The Strippers." Her partner is a filmmaker, and their collaborations have introduced her to the unique experiences of performing on-screen.

While she doesn't see a long-term future in filmmaking, Jordan appreciates the opportunities to express her creativity in different ways, to meet fellow artists, and explore their shared passions. This crossover between dance and film is indeed fascinating.

Jordan Kensley

Influence and Inspiration

Artistic Fusion: How Pole Dance, Film, and Fashion Inspire Each Other

As an artist, Jordan understands the profound impact of different art forms on each other. Whether it's the art of pole dancing, film, or fashion, they all intersect and inspire one another. The way a dancer moves and behaves is influenced by the garments they wear, much like how a film actor's performance is shaped by their body language.

Jordan acknowledges that creative individuals in these fields share their unique perspectives, inspiring one another. As she puts it, the pole community is a collective, each individual contributing to the mosaic of creativity.

Jordan Kensley

Fashion as an Art Form

Empowering Confidence: Fashion's Role in Expressing Dance

Fashion, too, plays a pivotal role in Jordan's journey. She appreciates the transformative power of clothing and how it influences one's mood and movement. Fashion is more than just a set of garments; it's an art form that allows performers like Jordan to step into various characters. She cites the importance of designing for different body types and challenging the shame associated with clothing not fitting perfectly.

The intersection of pole dancing and fashion is where art takes center stage. It's about creating pieces that enhance the performance and express the dancers' unique personalities. Jordan pointed out that, as a Sway Movewear designer, Agata understands the intricacies of crafting garments that cater to diverse body types, empowering pole dancers to feel comfortable and confident. (Thank you!)

She also mentioned her favorite Sway pieces:

Let us know in the comments if you want us to bring back the Naomi bodysuit and in what colors?



In a League of Her Own

Pioneering Artistry: Jordan's Unforgettable Impact on the Pole Dance Community

In the world of pole dancing, Jordan is a versatile artist. Her adaptability and innovation shine through in every facet of her career. She thrives as a performer, a teacher, and a contributor to the pole community, all while maintaining her individuality.

As our conversation drew to a close, we couldn't help but be inspired by Jordan's commitment to her craft, her unwavering spirit, and her dedication to her students. Her story is a testament to the limitless possibilities within the pole dancing world and beyond.

Jordan is a trailblazer, a creative force, and an advocate for embracing one's unique qualities. She's left an indelible mark on the pole dancing community, and we can't wait to see where her journey takes her next.

If you want to hear more about Jordan's experiences, inspirations, and insights, be sure to listen to our full podcast interview.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating the incredible journey of Jordan Kensley, a pole dancer like no other. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes of the Sway Podcast as we explore the vibrant world of pole dancing.



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