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Meet Ariel, witchy woman, pole dancer, storyteller—AND one of our new The Chrome Bar friends!

Meet Ariel, witchy woman, pole dancer, storyteller—AND one of our new The Chrome Bar friends!

As you know, we’ve been working with our friends at the Chrome Bar for the past few months. We sent all the instructors a smorgasbord of Sway gear to try out in preparation for our Sway the Chrome Challenge (happening now!  Check out our Instagram!). Today we’re talking to Ariel (she/her) about her experiences with Sway and as a dancer. 

Sway (S): Thank you for chatting with us today! We’re starting off with our favorite question! A big part of the Sway brand is the show girl/boy/person vibe. What does that mean to you?

Ariel (A): I think the idea of the showgirl is really about visual storytelling—it’s about putting on a show that tells whatever kind of story the entertainer feels like embodying or communicating at any given time. It’s an opportunity to explore different facets of ourselves and of the human experience, and I think that’s what I love about it so much.

S: Oooh! Great answer! Storytelling, especially visual storytelling, is clearly such a part of The Chrome Bar ethos too! Tell us, what visual detail are you most excited by from your new Sway outfit(s)?

A: I love the straps on the bottoms I got! Other times I’ve gotten strappy bottoms that would fit great in one area but the straps would be too tight—I love that these straps are adjustable and stay in place well.

S: hahaha! YAY! Another garter fan! They are our favorite little detail too! Can you tell us more about your dance style and who you are as a dancer? How does working at the Chrome Bar encourage your development as a dancer? 

A: It’s always hard for me to describe my own dance style (and my other job is as a writer, so I’m not often at a loss for words) but I can tell you what I’m aiming for when I dance and it’s to be etheric. Most of the time I’m aiming to look otherworldly—sometimes it comes across and sometimes it doesn’t, but either way I think the thought lends itself to interesting movement. Working for The Chrome Bar has made me the dancer I am today, and I’m continuously learning and growing in this art and finding new things to explore within my own style because of the wonderful community here.

S: Whoa! That’s one helluva answer! Otherworldly is an amazing style! #goals And we totes had to look up “etheric.” For those that want to know, it can refer to your aura and/or being above the clouds. Like double whoa. We’re not sure how you gonna top that answer, but can you describe your sense of fashion for us?

A: My day-to-day fashion sense is that of the neighborhood’s hippy grandmother that is also rumored to be a witch. For pole, I love anything black, but every once and awhile I roll in wearing something neon.

S: YESSSS! If we weren’t showgirls, we’d totally be witches! There’s a huge witchy vibe in the pole community and we’re super-duper down for it. Do you think your etheric dancing style is influenced by your fashion style or vice versa?

A: I think what I’m wearing can affect how I’m dancing for sure. I’m not sure that my general sense of style translates into my movement practices; but I will definitely wear certain outfits to channel certain vibes in my dance.

S: Absolutely! The outfit—and the shoes!–can totally transform the dance and the dancer! On that note, what new trends in fashion and pole dance are you most excited about? 

A: I’m gonna be honest—I’m not good at keeping up with trends lol! I just love seeing people wear things that make them feel themselves.

S: Ahh! Another great answer! Be yourself—everyone else is taken! Last question, super crucial to us, as a company (and as humans on this planet), we are very concerned about the environment. Do you think it is important that studios and pole brands follow environmentally sustainable practices?

A: It’s important for everyone to do their best to protect the environment—we only have one home. I know everyone is thinking about going to space next, but earth is really great and we need to be taking better care of her. I think it’s awesome that Sway is trying to foster that more within the world of pole wear.

Awww, you’re welcome! If all of us do our part, the world will be a much, much better place for everyone! Thank you sooo much for chatting with us today, Ariel! Follow her on Instagram for some otherworldly dance delights and don’t forget about our Sway the Chrome Challenge. Join us today!

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