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Interview with Tiffany!

Interview with Tiffany!

Tiffany, a low flow aficionado hailing from LA, is one of our newest models for both our Vegas and Senses collection (on sale now)! Read more about her clothes and dance style as well as how she honors the past and looks towards the future!


She describes Sway as: Sensuous. Enchanting. Pioneering. We couldn’t agree more! 

SWAY (S): Thank you for chatting with us! A big part of the Sway brand is the show girl/boy/person vibe. What does that mean to you? 

Tiffany (T): Being a Sway Show Girl means to be confident, poised, and comfortable in the skin you're in. Sway encourages my wild streak, keeping me adventurous and willing to try new things.

S: Yesss, get wild, be free, be YOU! Ok, wild thang, what outfit/color/detail are you most excited about from the new Sway collection?

T: Sway has always been on the forefront of pole fashion and I think the classic color palette and slightly retro look of the new collection will be a crowd pleaser. I'm enamored with the ruched detail on the high leg bottom and the peek-a-boo cutout on the tops, as well as how secure and flattering the one pieces are. Plus, the fabric is so, so dreamy! You have to feel it to believe it—they are incredibly comfy.

S: Those peek-a-boo details truly are to die for! Sultry, sassy but classy too, ya know? Now, tell us a little more about your dance style and who you are as a dancer. 

T: I’m a soft and feminine, exotic low flow lover.

S: Haha, we’re a little scared of heights so low flow is tots where it’s at! Now that we know about your love of low flow, how do you describe your sense of fashion? 

T: A little flashy, a little lazy—depends on my mood 😉

S: MOOD -- yes. So important! You’ve got to feel it to show it. Do you think your dancing style is influenced by your fashion style or vice versa?

T: What I wear definitely brings out specific movements in me. It gives me a visual cue of what to emphasize and where to accentuate.

S: Like maybe some more booty work with a higher cut bottom?? Hmmm?? <excitedly waiting for #sundaybumday> Tell us, do you teach? 

T: I have a day job and I'm content with being a student right now. I liiiive for choreo classes!

S: Well, whenever you’re ready to teach -- especially some sloooow burn -- we’re ready to learn! As you know, Sway is very concerned about the environment. Is being environmentally sustainable important to you?

T: I think protecting the environment is one of the biggest challenges we currently face because so many other issues are interconnected: healthcare, racial equity, food insecurity, biodiversity loss, etc. I follow the philosophy of "reduce, reuse, recycle" and try my best to eliminate plastic whenever I can. I carry my own non-plastic utensils with me, I avoid using plastic bags, I carry my own water bottle everywhere. Of course, I'm absolutely not perfect and there is more I can be doing, so I will always strive for that. We only have one planet and we need to do everything we can to preserve it.

S: All those small things really do add up and we can all do our part to help! Tell us, what new trends in fashion and dance do you see coming? More sustainability or something else? 

T: Dance-wise, I've been seeing hints of frame-up in different styles of pole, which I'm personally fascinated and intimidated by. In general, I think we are in a developing era of pole because mainstream audiences have taken a growing interest in our art form, which means we will be exposed to a variety of outside influences and maybe become more innovative, but we will also have to be ready to defend where this art came from and honor our roots: strippers and sex workers.

S: Yes, yes, YES! Our new collection is a nod to our stripper foremothers! If you love pole, thank a stripper! And thank you so much for chatting with us today, we can’t wait to see you slinking around Instagram. Any parting words? 

B: Love is a verb! Be kind and conscientious towards one other.

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