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Interview with James “Becky” Wilkerson - Sway

Interview with James “Becky” Wilkerson

James “Becky” Wilkerson, a sexy and chic dancer out of Los Angeles, California is one fire-cracker fashionista! We sat down to talk to them about dancing, fashion and how they #GetSwayed

SWAY (S): Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today! A big part of the Sway brand is the show girl/boy/person vibe. What does that mean to you? 

James “Becky” Wilkerson (B): Being a Sway Show person means to be confident, unique, brave. The clothes bring out the inner fierceness of whoever wears it.  

S: Fierce is definitely in our DNA! So what outfit/color/detail are you most excited about from the new Sway collection?

B: I love the turquoise garter shorts! They look so fun and hip.  

S: OOooh! That’s great! We’ve got that turquoise color but with a kick coming out with a little something special in the new mini-collection. You’re going to love it! Tell us more about your dance style and who you are as a dancer. 

B: I’m very acrobatic and flexible and energetic. I come from the voguing ballroom scene so naturally my performance aesthetic is very upbeat and athletic.  

S: OMG! We love “Pose!” Learning how to vogue is on the top of our list of new dance styles to learn. So we know about your dancing, how do you describe your sense of fashion? 

B: My fashion style is minimal, gender-fluid vibes. For cooler weather, I like dresses that hang off my shoulder to pair with a hoodie and sneakers and for warmer weather I prefer  crop tops with high waist shorts and some chucks.   

S: Super cute! Do you think your dancing style is influenced by your fashion style or vice versa?

B: My dancing style is influenced by my fashion style because it’s very unique to me. I dress how I feel and my dancing is my actual physical expression of who I am. I’m known to dance at the drop of some anywhere I go. Because of that I wear clothes that generally allow me the mobility to bust some serious moves whenever I feel.

S: We would love to see that! Tell us, do you teach? 

B: I don’t teach pole currently. Pretty much just an ambitious student who learns fast with hopes to travel and share my talent with the world.

S: Well, whenever you’re ready to teach -- we’re ready to learn! As you know, Sway is very concerned about the environment. Is being environmentally sustainable important to you?

B: Environmental sustainability is very important to me because I try my hardest to reduce my carbon footprint on this earth. I’m vegan and take care of my body and the world around me by limiting waste, recycling and never throwing away fabric.

S: We agree sooo much with that sentiment! Tell us, what new trends in fashion and dance do you see coming? 

B: Flexibility training in pole seems to be all the rage right now. The more flexible and stretchy one is the more moves and transitions they’re free to do in a performance. With trained dancers moving over to pole daily, the bar has been set even higher.

S: It’s totally like a flexi-arms—or maybe legs and hips—race out there in the Insta-world! Thank you so much for chatting with us today, we can’t wait to see your progress!

B: I’m so grateful for this opportunity! Thanks for realizing my hard work and talent. I’m so passionate about pole dancing and this opportunity is so validating.


Find James “Becky” Wilkerson on Instagram 

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