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Thank you everyone who supported our business on Black Friday-Cyber Monday 2021.

 Thanks to your orders we've managed to plant total o 39 trees!

That is :

43.29mof forest

234 kg CO2/year of absorbed

yearly supply tor oxygen for 26.13 people

2262 kg amount of paper returned

You've probably got your email box full of BF offers already. Brands are slashing their prices by 70% and offering you "deals" for next week or more. Makes you wonder how much it really costs them to make their products if they can afford to take the price down so low?

💚In Sway we have our prices based on the true cost of the manufacturing and we use high quality fabrics that will last you a long time.

💚This Black Friday we are offering you 15% discount sitewide BUT in addition to that we are going to plant one tree for every item purchased🌳!

💚Keeping the positive impact on environment!


#GreenFriday #swaypolewear #sustainablepolewear