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Meet Kate, garter-lover, pole dancer, stretchy-pants aficionado—one of our new The Chrome Bar friends!

Meet Kate, garter-lover, pole dancer, stretchy-pants aficionado—one of our new The Chrome Bar friends!

As you know, we’ve been working with our friends at the Chrome Bar for the past few months. We sent all their amazing instructors a smorgasbord of Sway gear to try out in preparation for our Sway the Chrome Challenge (happening now! Check out our Instagram!). Today we’re talking to Kate (she/her) about her experiences with Sway and as a dancer.

Sway (S): A big part of the Sway brand is the show girl/boy/person vibe. What does that mean to you?

Kate (K): It is so important to feel comfortable when you are dancing because that confidence shows in how you dance. When I find an outfit that makes me feel like a badass, the way I perform is amazing!  I have noticed I dance with more flair when I am in my Sway outfit. 


S: Totally agree! You should wear the outfit; the outfit shouldn’t wear you! Let your inner badass out! Now tell us, what detail are you most excited by from your new Sway outfit?

K: Built in garters always scared me and now I want them on everything!! I also want to give the Naomi bodysuit a try because it looks beautiful on everyone. 


S: Yessss, come to the garter darkside. All the cheeks need support! But enough about us, tell us more about your dance style and who you are as a dancer. 

K: Is ridiculous an option? I am in the middle part of my life so for me flow and joy are the most important. Dance has brought me a lot of joy, much frustration, but at the end of the day I dance because it makes me so happy. 


S: That’s amazing! We all need things that spark joy and just trash the rest that don’t! So how does working at the Chrome Bar encourage your development as a dancer? 

K: TCB has been a big part of this because it is ok if it takes you awhile to get a new move. It is ok if the new move doesn't work for you or your style so everyone helps you find what does. It is something I bring into my teaching for my new students. I want to help them find their own dance voice. Everyone brings something different to pole and if I can help anyone in finding that it has been a great day. 


S: Finding your own voice is so hard. It’s amazing that you are encouraging your students to find theirs <3 Something that shouldn’t be hard is finding your own fashion sense! Tell us about your sense of style.

K: In flux. The pandemic really put a damper on that for me. I am very lucky that I work remotely but, like many people, workout pants became the new jeans. I am going away from bright colors all the time and returning to my trusted neutrals with a rock vibe.  


S: Ummhmm. Stretch is the new sleek! So tell us, Do you think your dancing style is influenced by your fashion style or vice versa?

K: Dance influences my fashion for sure. I am not really great with fashion but I am finding I want the clothes I wear outside the studio to reflect how I feel in the studio. 


S: Soooo true! We all need to find that feeling pole gives us and spread it to all parts of our life! Switching gears for a sec, as you know, Sway is very concerned about the environment. Do you think it is important that studios and pole brands follow environmentally sustainable practices?

K: Absolutely! When it comes to the Earth we are all in this together. Every small thing you can do adds up and businesses are no different. 


S: Absolutely! Just do one small thing and it all adds up! We love that. Last question—what new trends in fashion and pole dance are you most excited about? 

K: I am really excited to see how the want of comfortable fashion forward clothes is going to play out. 2020 rocked everything including fashion. I don't keep up with the pole dance trends as well but I can speak for what I want to bring to our studio: inclusion, acceptance and a path for all people to the love of pole. 


Agreed 1,000% inclusion and acceptance for EVERY body! Thank you sooo much for chatting with us today Kate! Follow her on Instagram and don’t forget about our Sway the Chrome

Challenge. Join us today!

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