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In collaboration with OG polear and Living Legend Alethea Austin

Get inspired by our new GLOW Collection, a manifestation of our years of experience in crafting dance wear, in collaboration with the world-renowned pole dancer, Alethea Austin.

Glowing under black light, showcases entirely innovative bodysuits and a selection of thong designs, alongside our timeless creations handpicked by Alethea herself.

These outfits will surely become new essentials in your wardrobe.

Convertible Alethea bodysuit

Constructed with luxurious Italian regenerated nylon, this stunning bodysuit glows in black light and can be effortlessly transformed into a top and bottom. Experience the perfect fusion of elegance and trend, lovingly handmade in Gdańsk!

Alethea Bodysuit Shocking Pink - Sway
Alethea Bodysuit Shocking Pink - Sway
Top and shorts

Alethea bodysuit


Alethea Bodysuit Shocking Pink

Alethea Bodysuit Ellectrc Yellow

Glow in the blacklight

Explore Alethea's curated collection of vibrant pole dance styles, specially selected to radiate under UV light, empowering you to unleash your inner best self. When in Nashville, TN, don't miss the chance to visit The Chrome Bar, where you can shine like a rock star in your dazzling Sway outfit.

Alethea Bodysuit Shocking Pink - Sway

Alethea's faves

In addition to co-designing our signature bodysuit, Alethea has curated a selection of her favorite items from our range. Explore the allure of high-waist Bettie shorts, the stylish Carla top, and our bestseller, the Yulia Harness, all meticulously chosen by Alethea herself. Additionally, we've reinvented our Lingerie and Garter sets in vibrant Shocking Pink and Electric Yellow, which glow beautifully under black light!

Daily Essentials

Carla top and Bettie shorts in Glow in UV colors

Carla Pole Top Shocking Pink - Sway

carla top shocking pink

Bettie Pole Shorts Shocking Pink - Sway

bettie shorts shocking pink

Carla Pole Top Electric Yellow - Sway

carla top electric yellow

Bettie Pole Shorts Electric Yellow - Sway

bettie shorts electric yellow

coming soon

glow collection

Get ready to shine

Sexy additions

Yulia Harness and new Sexy Little Garter in Glow in UV colors

Yulia Harness Shocking Pink - Sway

yulia harness shocking pink

Yulia Harness Electric Yellow - Sway

yulia harness electric yellow

Alethea Bodysuit Electric Yellow - Sway

garter electric yellow

garter shocking pink

Alethea Bodysuit Electric Yellow - Sway
Yulia Harness Electric Yellow - Sway

Pair it up!

Unlock Endless Styles: Mix and Match with Alethea Bodysuit and Yulia Harness

Experience the versatility of the Alethea Bodysuit and Yulia Harness combination. The innovative design features hooks on the shorts, allowing you to effortlessly pair them with the upper part of the Yulia Harness to create unique sling shorts.

At Sway, we're passionate about construction and convertible pieces, and this collaboration gives you not just 2 but 8 different pole dance outfit options – and that's if we're counting correctly!"

Struggling with your Yulia Harness and its straps? Watch our step-by-step tutorial to master the art of putting it on – it gets easier with practice!

Sexy little things

Innovative and fun new additions that will transform your outfit.

Carla Pole Top Electric Yellow - Sway

alethea thong electric yellow

Indya Thong Electric Yellow - Sway

indya thong electric yellow

Indya Thong Shocking Pink - Sway

Indya Thong Shocking Pink

Alethea Break-Away Stripper Style Thong Shocking Pink - Sway

Alethea thong shocking pink

coming soon

alethea thong

When we embarked on the creation of the Glow collection in collaboration with Alethea Austin, a question arose: 'Have you ever wished to remove your pants without taking off your joggers after training?' It was an intriguing notion that inspired the birth of the Alethea Stripper style Thong