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the glow collection

Alethea partnered with Sway Movewear on their glow collection, featuring her favorite Sway designs and new pieces co-designed with Agata. The highlight is a versatile bodysuit that transforms into top and bottoms, perfect for dynamic performances. They've also created a show-stopping breakaway thong with hooks for easy take-off, adding excitement to every routine. The glow collection radiates Alethea's passion for dance and innovative design, captivating audiences with its luminous allure.

Alethea Bodysuit Electric Yellow - Sway Bodysuits pole dance ECONYL® regenerated nylon

Alethea Bodysuit Electric Yellow

€90.00 EUR
Unit price
Yulia Harness Shocking Pink - Sway

Yulia Harness Shocking Pink

€90.00 EUR
Unit price
Alethea Break-Away Electric Yellow Stripper Style Thong - Sway
Alethea Garter Electric Yellow - Sway

Alethea Garter Electric Yellow

€25.00 EUR
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meet the pole dance legand

Alethea Austin

The incredible poledancer and owner of The Chrome Bar in Nashville. Since its establishment in 2013, her iconic Pole Dance and Aerial studio has been rocking the pole dance community. Alethea's stardom soared when she became the US Pole Dance Champion in 2010, amassing a massive following within and beyond the pole dance world.

Studio to Stage

This talented lady has shared the stage with some of the world's best dancers, and she's taken her skills to over 400 gyms and studios worldwide, teaching her awesome signature workshops to students from all walks of life. Not only that, but she's also appeared in music videos and shared the spotlight with top artists like "Snoop Dogg," "Mötley Crüe," and "Cage The Elephant." You might have even spotted her in major film projects like “P-Valley” and "Rock of Ages.

Dazzling Nashville's Dance Scene: Alethea's Revue Extravaganza

Recently, Alethea shifted her focus to producing and directing, dazzling audiences with some of the hottest dance revues in Nashville. From the excitement of "Halloween Ball Y’all" to the energy of "Live Dancing Girls" and the glamour of "Miss Pole Dance America," her talent and passion for dance shine through.